Transformation; what comes into your mind when you hear the word ‘transformation’
lately people have been asking me when was my breaking point? from battling fears, insecurities to loving self. Everyone wants to know when things changed. It’s difficult to explain that, the transformation does not just happen in one moment. I had my moments where i wondered what was the route cause of my fears. Then one day it clicked in my mind and i decided that i wanted to be genuinely happy. It was a decision that i had to make to be able to ignore the little voices that were self-sabotaging. It was a tough and uncomfortable decision that required me to choose not to let the little voices take control of my life. That decision led me to peace, joy, love, purpose and confidence. Its a choice that we have to make, the longer we ignore those little voices the more it controls you and your life. Maybe its buried under your pains or the situations around us but its there waiting for you to listen. It is not an easy thing to do however you need to know that you have the power over those little voices.

With love.


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