Woman to woman

There is so much happening right now with women being empowered; we speak up, we stand up, and we support other women. I feel that all this is important but we should have even more conversations and networking on these topics as a society. Everyone needs to be on-board and reading from the same hymn sheet and only then we are able to take this from being just a conversation and make it into an actual IMPACT into society.

I am passionate about helping and supporting women because of the adversities I have encountered throughout my life. Would it not be great to do this together? I want to help and encourage women to re-invent their stories. It’s an experience I am familiar with having had to reinvent myself over the years. Turning wounds or tragedies into wisdom and teachable moments can be a very powerful tool. It’s a way of navigating through life that took me a while to figure out.

I fully believe that in order for us, as women, to reach our full potential we need the support of other women and our male counterparts. This means not bringing men down, not tearing one another down, and not using competition as the only way to react to those whose values don’t match our own, even when we don’t agree with what that person is saying or what they stand for. This probably contradicts everything we instinctively feel when someone voices an unpopular opinion or carries themselves in such a way that it conflicts with not just our moral standards, but the socially consensus ideal of what is right and wrong. Free Speech is Free Speech, whether we like it or not.