Fauza Foundation

Fauza Foundation

Fauza aims to support 3000 girls in Kenya Slums that complete high schools, through rights awareness programs, educational scholarship, sports, hygiene and sanitation. Girls in Kenya face many challenges; lack of basic needs, like pads and panties, manipulation and sexual harassment, lack of hope to further education due to poverty and most of all lack of people/platforms with whom they can share their problems. This project will respond to these needs.

55% of girls drop out of school in Kenya is due to early pregnancy and lack of school fees. The problem is rooted by social and economic poverty, pushing the girls to desperate conditions and to look for men or accept men’s advances so that they can provide basic needs not just for themselves but for their families as well. These girls often have no-one that gives them hope and they keep all these frustrations to themselves. Fauza’s foundation aims to develop adolescent in school and out of school.

As a first step, Fauza’s foundation will provide a sharing platform where through anonymous notes, girls will share what issues they are facing, leading to Speak Out forums, referrals, counselling and mentoring sessions by paralegals. Volleyball sports will create safe spaces to play and talk. Educational scholarships will be provided for post primary education and vocational scholarships for the out-of-school girl. School supplies, pads, panties and life skills training will be for all as needs demand.

Impact for the foundation
The goal of Fauza foundation is to reduce the number of girls dropping out of school, the intent is that the girls are the direct beneficiaries but also and those who will be inspired by them will be benefiting.
78 Adolescent girls will be protected and educated to allow them get good jobs, rise out of poverty which will provide their own well-being and of their families. Other girls seeing and learning then they will be inspired to follow suit.