About Fauza

Fauza is a renowned author an Inspirational Speaker and founder of  Fauza Consultancy ltd.  She published her first book in the year 2016 entitled “Rising from the Dust – A Woman’s Journey to Self-Discovery”.  The book gives a biographical story of Fauza’s life, on how she managed to achieve her dreams regardless of her circumstances, she rose from the dust.  Fauza’s wish is that her life story detailed out in this moving book will inspire someone that they too can achieve anything if they believe in themselves, just like she did.  Fauza has also co-authored the book Fierce and Fabulous – The Feminine Force of Success, which is a collection of real-life stories of 15 women from Australia, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates.

Fauza has been able to inspire the girl child by doing school tours to give motivational talks and supply of sanitary towels to the girls. She is currently one of Africa’s  up coming inspiring  woman and is often invited for television shows and interviews to speak about different topics.

Her creative streak and passion for all things art, led Fauza to open up Fauza Consultancy ltd, which initially started as a blog to share about her creativity in interior design, her passion for fashion as well as her jewelry collection. Later, as she grew in her passion and love for people, Fauza Consultancy ltd  has now been tailored  with an intention of offering ideas and pieces of advise in interior design, coaching, mentoring, creative writing as well as how to Self-Publish.

Fauza is a qualified interior designer from the Center of Executive Education Dubai. Her passion lies in decorating comfortable spaces that are not only beautiful, but also practical to the people living there.

As an accomplished Jewelry designer, Fauza has used her status to support independent crafty women back in Africa through her Jewelry collection which is sold through her website.

Through her work, Fauza has achieved and been awarded the following:

  • Fauza was one of the speakers for the grand opening of Nest Dubai in October 2017, a Co Working space where Dubai’s most Innovative, Creative and Entrepreneurial communities collide. She shared the stage with Erin Bagweli for an interactive Q & A after the screening of her documentary Dream Girl which was screening for the first time in The Middle East after the global premier of the screening in 2016 at The White House.
  • In September 2017, she had an opportunity to be one of the artists for Story Moja festival 10th anniversary, which was held in Nairobi, Kenya. During this event she was interviewed live by “HomeBoyz Radio” station, where she launched and talked about her book “Rising from the Dust”.
  • Fauza was also one of the panel speakers at the 2016 and 2017 Social Media Week Independent Dubai, a two day conference where she talked about her experiences in using different social media platforms for her different products.
  • In 2016 Fauza was awarded the Fierce and Fabulous the Feminine Force of Success Award in Melbourne, Australia for being resilient and hard working in her business.
  • In 2015 Fauza had the privilege to be one of the Ro’Ya participants. A Dubai Business Women’s Council and MasterCard initiative, meant to empower and encourage female entrepreneurs in the United Arab Emirates.