The Emotional Effect of Colours

The Emotional Effect of Colours

Our world is full of colours and we all have our favourites. We choose a particular colour car to drive. We wear colours that we like whether it be in our clothing, our jewelry or our accessories. We even judge others on the colours they are wearing based simply on the colour itself, not the person who is wearing it. It’s easy to see that all of these colours evoke emotions of some sort within each of us and if we can embrace that concept and choose the colours we wear based on our emotions, we can become much more confident and successful in our daily lives.

Recently, in an article published in Psychology Today, a study was conducted that looked at the effect colours have on us and on those around us and how these colours can change the way we feel. Certain colours can cheer us up, while others can make us feel depressed. This is why we choose certain colours for our clothing and accessories. Adding certain coloured accessories can brighten our day, increase our moods and make us more productive.

Fashion analysts will tell you that we choose the colours in our wardrobes on more than our own personal taste. We choose colours that are based on our skin tones and on whether our brains decide if they will have a positive or negative effect on our appearance and moods. When we find colours that look good onus and make us feel more confident, we tend to stick to them.

Just as our confidence improves when we know we look good, the same results occur when we have our favourite colours on. Cheering us up and giving us the confidence we need for the day from the inside out.

If you are still unsure about adding your favourite colours into your wardrobe, you can start small. Choose jewelry and accessories that add your favourite colours without overdoing it. That way, you can feel confident in your look, without second guessing your style choices.

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