Resolution or Goals how is your 2018 so far!

Its the second month of 2018 and its my sincere  hope that you are all doing well.  Most of us get easily frustrated when the things that are in our New Years resolution aren’t coming forth.

This is because we are limiting ourselves with only that we have written down and we want to achieve. Personally i do not believe in resolution, but rather long term goals that are realistic.

Mostly we look at the things that we didn’t achieve or we wanted but never happened and then we start saying ‘this was a bad year’ we forget that through the whole year we had free oxygen that if  we were to go for three minutes without we would not survive.

So, as I was thinking on what I should put down for my 2018 resolution, I thought about what I had learned last year. I had learned that Every New Year bring forth new things that we are meant to learn from.

Each new day, brings forth all the materials, wisdom knowledge that we need to build and support us on our journey. what makes a new year new is you and not the numbers in the calendar.

Even though we have been blessed with a new year, did your mind make it? We have to make sure that we are living in the new year and not thinking of the past. The difference is how we think.

Are you being intentional about creating a life and not just laying back and expecting life to happen for you? Are you allowing yourself to be expanded by life and not running for the easier path?  Do your actions line up with who you say you are, want to be? Are your values rooted in soul-based goals that connect you to how you want to feel on a daily basis versus the superficial ones that you think will make you feel good?

My prayer for you is  that this year will be different from the previous  year. There will be always a zig-zag line along the way. However no matter how difficulty the going gets always remember ‘WHY’ you started. I wish you all good health and all the success that your heart desire for 2018.

With love and Kindness.


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