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We all love the social life of online platforms but with more than 900 million people on Facebook, a few billion tweets per week on twitter and over hundred million blogs, it looks like we have forgotten the face to face networking. While social media has become global, it is still necessary to build strong, face-to-face relationships. With the social network we don’t know any more who we follow and who follows us.

The network is becoming very fluid and distant and “friendships” on social media are not always genuine and real anymore.
Although networking involves interacting with other people it is also important to ask ourselves what the other person believes it takes to become great. If we want to build strong relationships we must acknowledge other people’s expectation and adjust our own behavior.

It’s okay to have many friends but quality relationships plus a strategy helps you in your own development. It’s about time to get more social offline. Ever since I took the detour of writing I had to learn to be more social without always using my mobile device. I have had to learn to mingle with other people in different avenues so that I can grow as a person.

When I was younger, I was an introvert and insecure person, who had no confidence at all. I was never the first person to start a conversation. In my life journey I have learned now that when you need something you better get out. People are more likely to help you when they see you face-to-face than a blind email that you have sent randomly. While networking can and should include social networking online to form a strong bond with other people, but also differentiate yourself from others, there is no substitute for connecting in person.

When I started in this journey of writing I had no clue what it takes for me to be in a circle with other people in the same field. Lately I have taken the plunge to get social face-to-face which has helped me to navigate the journey of authorpreneur.

Here is what I have learned lately from the few gatherings I have attended. Look out for events near your area. The easy way I find in getting to know what is happening in your area is through events do what it takes to get out there.

1. Listen. While you have a need to grow and achieve all your goals it is also important to develop an attitude of listening. When you are engaged in a conversation listen to the other person needs and concerns so you can help him or her. Networking is about connecting the dots.
2. Collaborations. Having an attitude of collaboration is way better than a selfish gain. We all have a need for our own growth but it’s not only about us and our need or “what’s in it for me” but instead by being willing to build trust and establish strong relationships.
3. Be authentic. We all know the statement that says “fake it until you make it” hear my heart out. I am not saying it is a bad thing however people are more likely to relate with you just by being you rather than faking it. Faking it is not sustainable.
4. Are you approachable? Someone once said “People will always forget what you said and did. But they will never forget how you made them feel” Be mindful of your attitude.
5. Make a follow up. With an everyday busy life, sometimes people can get busy and if you don’t make an effort to follow up there could be a chance that they will forget, so you are better off to make that one phone call just to let them know that you are on the other end.


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