I always have a new focus every year; last year it was TRUST – to trust myself that everything will work out and that no matter what blocks I will encounter during the year I will be okay, to trust my decisions, to trust my intuition & to trust that I really am in the place that is right for me and that everything is working out according to God’s will. I made this conscious decision to trust fully in life and everything else that came on my path. 

This TRUST ran through my business and personal life & created amazing changes in so many areas of my life and the lives of hundreds of others.

2019 is all about HOPE – regardless of how dark that moment looks there is always light. Always.

Hope brings curiosity & opportunity for us all. We’ve all hoped for something at certain times in our lives. Whether it’s our health, finishing that course you started, hope for our children to be better citizens of the world, and hope to pay off that mortgage plus so many other HOPES I can think of.  Hope can help us when the going get hard. So what is HOPE?  Hope is a feeling and desire for a particular thing. 

Now one thing that I have learned is that no matter how many things we hope for, HOPE without taking action will not give us the results we want. It is important that we do our part. So let me break it down. Let’s say you are hoping to finish your college if you do not put the effort to go to college, study, do your exams, no matter how BIG your hope is it’s not going to be fulfilled simply because you are not doing what you are supposed to do.

So my takeaway for you is HOPE + ACTION = RESULTS whatever you are hoping for to manifest in 2019 do your part and then see the universe manifest.

So here’s to everyone having so much HOPE for this year being the best ever yet

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