We are not on holiday during this quarantine moment. This is a chance to be Intentional with your life. Yep, you heard me. This is a big deal. Even more than an opportunity for healthy habits and self-improvement, this is when your story of purpose is being written. Take advantage of the times we [...]

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We are on the third month of 2020. How has it been for you. I think after everything has been said and done we all can  attest to it that 2020 started with a big bung!  Woaaa no one expected it. We saw the news break in Australia with the devastating bush fires. The [...]

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Merry Christmas

Christmas songs, Christmas trees,  Christmas decor, Everywhere i look around  all i see is glitters, Christmas lights, lighting up the streets, homes, shopping malls,  literally  its an evidence that most people are in the mood. Christmas is a magical holiday season that brings with it joy, love, happiness and heartwarming thoughts. For believers  Christmas is [...]

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Safe landing

Sometimes in life the best in us can only be brought out by the worst done to us. Hurtful word, false accusations, rejection, betrayal in life can teach us or simply reveal us. Now, the truth is no one likes facing hard times. Oh I real wish that life knew that we human being we [...]

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Woman to Woman Conversation 21 of September 2019

Something happened on the 15, of June  2019 in Nairobi Kenya during our first Woman to Woman conference that made me realize that  this event has to happen  over and over and over again. You know what it was? For the entire time we were in that room together a sister hood was created. [...]

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Trusting as we wait!!

 Let’s be real with something. When everything is said and done we all can attest to it that it isn’t the easy place to be in. Waiting is hard. Most of the time it is usually unwanted. There is nobody who wants to be in this season.  Waiting requires patience, endurance and perseverance. As [...]

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  I always have a new focus every year; last year it was TRUST - to trust myself that everything will work out and that no matter what blocks I will encounter during the year I will be okay, to trust my decisions, to trust my intuition & to trust that I really am in [...]

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Finding hope in the midst of your tribulations

Lately there has been so many tragedies going on. We are living in a broken world.  From bush fires in LA, to loosing  a neighbor from a  liver failure. Getting a phone call from a  friend who has lost her mom through cancer. But the most recently one was receiving  a text message saying [...]

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