Safe landing

Sometimes in life the best in us can only be brought out by the worst done to us. Hurtful word, false accusations, rejection, betrayal in life can teach us or simply reveal us. Now, the truth is no one likes facing hard times. Oh I real wish that life knew that we human being we aren’t always ready to face the unknown. It is during this moments when we feel uncomfortable we tend to resist. But resistance is not bad. Resistance gives us lift. It is the principle by which every airplane flies. In life sometimes we will need to go against the HEAD WIND for us to be able to discover who we real are. When an airplane takes off it always goes against the wind. Against the HEAD WIND. It is the same with life sometimes situations will force us to move against the head wind so that we are able to take off.

So, my dear. Don’t focus on the chaos of life instead look From within go deeper and see what the chaos will produce once you’ve landed. Because you will always bounce back. And what will matter is the attitude that you will have.

I wish you a safe landing.

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