Let It Go



We are on the last month of 2019. Woaaaaa!!! The year has flown by. I just wanted to drop by to check on you. How has it been for you the last 11 months. Are you still inline with that which you had written down at the beginning of the year? What difference have you made. Have you served the purpose of your soul or you have let life happen. If you look back to all the life lessons what has been the hardest thing to do. How sometimes I wish life has a manual. But whatever the case the fact that you woke up today, it means you’ve been given the grace of a second chance. So i wanted to remind you to let go of that which didn’t happen, went wrong, hurt, disappointments, anything that hinders Let it go!!!!! and focus on the remaining weeks of 2019. But Fauza how can I let go of the shame, the failures, the rejection, people making fun of me…….extra extra. I hear you. Let it go is an advice that many of us have been given or have told others to do it. But does it really comes easy. There are moments when we’ve worked so hard only to fall at the final hurdle. So what does it really mean to let it go? let it go is another way of expressing’ accept it fully’ sometimes we might wish to erase the past like wiping off a chalkboard, but it’s not possible. The more we struggle with releasing the past the more and more we give power to it. So what do we need to do to “ let it go” here is the thing, what causes us such distress is not the memory but our own emotions like anger, frustration, bitterness, disappointment extra extra….. The reality is that a hurtful situation from a few weeks, months, years ago doesn’t cause us the same distress now as it did back then. But what makes it harder is our own emotions. So what can we do if we really want to “ let it go” the answer for me has been to offer myself a new beginning to be able to start the healing process I always have to accept myself just as I am. If we are able to accept ourselves fully it will help you in letting go but also enables us to forgive ourselves, the things that didn’t go well as well as forgiving others too. When we regard our difficulty emotions as a big problem, and try to overcome them we will struggle more. On the other side of the spectrum when we accept ourselves fully our mind stops struggling and grows suddenly quiet. So my dear friend whatever it is that you are struggling with learn to separate your emotions from the memory of the past situation. Simply because the emotions that you had from the situation back then as been alleviated. And when that happens you can be able to live your emotions behind and look at them warmly from the inside. As we begin a new month I want to remind you that you have been given the grace of God which you can lean on. I want to encourage you to let go of that which hinders, that which does not serve the purpose of your soul.

Happy New Month.

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