We are on the third month of 2020. How has it been for you. I think after everything has been said and done we all can  attest to it that 2020 started with a big bung!  Woaaa no one expected it. We saw the news break in Australia with the devastating bush fires. The continuous wars between some countries that has been an ongoing situation for years.  And as i am typing this the world has been shaken and disrupted with the COVID-19 that has brought the world to a stand still and many people living  in a lot of fear wondering what if……..

We are living in a fallen world. Sin has frustrated the cosmos. This makes our daily existence difficult and complicated.  To top it all off, we wrestle with internal sin and external temptation. Sin distorts our thoughts, desires, choices, actions, and words. And yet the scripture is clear in how we should fight our fears. Romans 12:2 reminds us, Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by renewing of your mind.  With all this chaos my question to you is Where Do You Run to? Within the fallen world, we reside with broken people. It is easier to fall in a ditch of worry, fear when everywhere we turn to all we can see and hear is bad news.

What internal struggles and external temptations are you facing right now? How are you fighting against them? I think you get the point. The world has become messy and complicated. In some way, every day, you will face disappointment, grief, pain, confusion, and struggle. The question is, Where do you go and what do you do?

If you are a follower of Jesus, try to be in a constant communication with your Lord as you experience the frustration of life in a fallen world by doing so it brings hope and builds our faith. Many of us tend to think that our prayer life  or our communication with God is limited to our personal devotion time, before a family meal, during the prayer segment in a worship service, or within our small group or Bible study.

The reality is that we talk with God all day long consciously and unconsciously. Sometimes those conversations are vocal; other times, they are silent in our hearts. Sometimes they are cries of pain; other times, they are hymns of profound joy and thankfulness.

That’s one reason why I love the Psalms so much. The book of Psalms is always my go to and my favorite is Psalms 91,  The story and struggle of my life of faith is splashed across every page, and so is yours.  Each time i am  confronted by fear through the scripture i am  comforted with the beauty of his faithfulness, patience, power, wisdom, and grace. And so let us not be conformed to this world be be transformed by renewing of our minds. As a believer in Jesus, there is no healthier place to be than to remind yourself in who’s you are.

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