You are what you label yourself


we often opt to define peace as a feeling. A state of heart or mind about a situation or season that we receive. This idea of peace being a feeling actually makes our focus of peace inward, about us and about our lives and in turn brings us back to that  place of being not good enough. 

Why is it important for us to understand this?  If we consider peace a feeling, then it goes back back to what we can do to achieve it. It is centered on us, our actions and our well being. 

I am not good enough.

Is this you right now, do you resonate with this somewhere or everywhere in your life? This is the most common statement that most people repeat to ourselves unconsciously.  Most people sometimes tend to feel unloved, insecure, unhappy with very low self-esteem which sometimes can affecting every relationship around them.  We all crave to be whole and complete as human beings so not feeling so good enough is one of the biggest inner conflicts we face in striving for this.  Let’s not praise this words but instead let’s look into how you can help yourself be worthy happy person. Let’s go deeper and heal the actual wound. Family rejection is the most profound and intensely painful wound you will ever experience and it does affect every relationship you create in your life. So it really is crucial that this relationship is healed before you look at the other important relationships in your life. 

The question that you need to ask yourself is. Why do I believe that I am not good enough? Because healing this complex relationship has transformed my life.

“I am good enough” and I truly believe this affects every area of my life in romance, family, friendships and business. So it is something that is worth putting the time, effort and hard work into.

When you were born you were pure love and joy. You did not know any rejection, you didn’t had the feelings of not being good enough until you learned to reject yourself based on the environment that you grew up in.  Perhaps the people who raised you were unable to express pure love based on their own wounds that they experienced on their journey which could end up verbally, physically and emotionally abusing you. As a child then you put a condition on loving yourself because of the wounds from the people raising you.

And so the seed is planted and will continue to grow into a belief that ‘you are not good enough’.  Once this is a belief your behavior will drive you keeping you in a space of not being good enough. ‘Not being good enough’ now feels like it’s actually part of you. But the inner conflict   inside your mind continues to rear its ugly head because you have fed your unconscious mind that you are not good enough.

The reason why it hurts so much has nothing to do with your personal belief but because it was created from the people around you.  Your true belief is that you are good enough because as humans we all crave to be whole and are enough just as we are. This is why it is important to heal the inner wound at the core of the all of the pain and hurt.  Having suffered rejection myself I desperately lost myself and had many question which led me to seek a professional help. That was the beginning of self-discovering. When it feel right for you to seek therapy and support, you don’t have to be alone. Feeling not good enough is painful but it is not permanent. I strongly believe we all want to be in this place of feeling enough so you are no longer assuming that you are not good enough, no longer turning your back to the fact that you are good enough and no longer trying getting approval that you are good enough.


With love and kindness. xx


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