Believe you can!


Why does it seem like our mind always think of the worst possible scenario first, instead of just simply believing the best in unknown situations?  The next thing is we start worrying, stressing and paranoid about an entirely made up situation. Worry is very damaging to our health.  Worry makes someone not to sleep, gives headache it causes heart palpitation it can paralyze you.  It’s damaging.

It always seems like we are waiting for something. We think that I will be so happy if I can do or be or have xyz. The problem with this is that you will never be content with what you’ve been blessed with already. Its important we realize that happiness is a choice and every season has it’s own mountaintops and valleys.  When we allow the tribulations of life to  control us we will never be happy.  I have learned that no matter what I will encounter in life it’s not going to be a permanent situation. 

I can choose to be happy or to let the situation dictate my life. I have the choice. No matter what your current season is don’t miss out on the good because your mind is so preoccupied with what ifs, worry and anxiety. Every season has its lessons to learn be it good or bad.
No one ever said that life will be easy but its absolutely worthwhile. The fact that you are breathing right now it means you have a second chance.

I wish you a worry free August……

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