Authentic Power

Authentic Power

We were not put here on earth just to merely  exist or just be. But rather we were
put here on earth to be good individuals. So many of us have run so far away from
ourselves that we don’t even know what it is to be ourselves is anymore.  The gift of God in
your life is what makes you, you. What makes you unique. 
Most of the time we all do realize this even when faced with adversity but many
times we don’t know that because we have allowed our circumstances to control
us.  We give our power away. Instead of stretching  forth we strive.  Striving isn’t
cute. Its unattractive and sometimes when we strive instead of stretching we
injure the things that God wants to do  in our lives. 
We need to be human beings who are able to stretch, think outside of the situation
by asking ourselves yes this is happening but how can i move from here to where
i am heading to. Its important you understand that stretching brings flexibility and 
increases your reach. Stretch means you are less likely to be hurt. 
I believe and I know you believe that too that one of the keys in life is gratitude.
That doesn’t mean not acknowledging the pain because the pain is often real you
know. There is a lot of pain in the world and in our lives but also recognizing that
the pain is not everything, the hardship isn’t everything, the darkness isn’t
everything.  Being able to hold on stretching when you are going through a hard
There is always a reality in our hearts knowing that whatever we are facing isn’t
permanent and holding into this truth in our heads and in our hearts  that’s for me
is the key. And so doing small steps like starting your mornings taking one minute
in the morning to remember three things you are grateful for setting  your
intention for the day is absolutely key if you don’t have one minute you don’t have
a life.
How you start your day is absolutely important and so is how you end your day. 
Every day is a mixture of good and bad things happening I have days where  I
don’t see the  sun shine. But I have a choice on what I will put my mind to.  You
can go to bed thinking of all the things that went wrong or you can go to bed and
think of all the things you are grateful for and that will change the quality of your
sleep.  So what is interesting in terms of our evolution our mind tends to go to the

negative because that’s how we survived right and that’s what we need to change.
Choose to stretch and not just to strive.

Wishing you a gorgeous Autumn


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