You are not an accident


In this world there are a lot of things that are beyond our control but what you do have  control over is how you react to whatever happens in your life.

What I now know is that we all become what we believe so if you believe you can do all things because you have this higher power that is bigger than your problems you will be  living this world knowing that no matter what problem you will encounter you have God to lean on and that you have been given the grace of God.

As a young adult i used to be a  very angry and bitter person. I always felt that  life was  unfair to me. As I grew my perception and understand of what God means grew with me I expanded my view of what it means to be a here on earth. 

And so my confidence comes in knowing that there is something bigger than myself, my problems, my confusion, my unanswered questions,  my anxieties.  And that I am a part of and he is a part of me. I call that God. You need to understand that you are co-creating that life with the ultimate creator.

Not understand that it puts you at your pitiful little world. And that everything is been left up for you.   Having this realization I do nothing without that understanding.  This understanding puts me together even when sometimes i dont see a way out of a situation. I realize that there is nothing that I can do on this earth on my own.  I am not big enough to do it,  you are not big enough to do it on your own.  

No one is  big enough to do it. Your presence here on earth as a human being came from something greater than you and not just your parents because they wanted to have a child. On my case I wasn’t even a planned child, I was that child who was conceived by accident. 

However the fact that the egg was hit by that particular sperm at that particular moment and you were created wow how amazing is that. Of all the difference in choices it had to happen for you to be here on earth.  Now what a celebration that is.  So when you recognize the mystery of that creation all the circumstances that had to reconfigure all the questions that you don’t have answers for,  you have to know this, that the fact that you are here matters a lot.

There is no such thing as accident, none of us are. I love what Rick Warren says in his book  The Purpose Driven Life. ” While there are illegitimate parents, there are no illegitimate children’s.  He goes on to say that many children are unplanned by their parents,  but they are not unplanned by God.  God never does anything accidentally, and He never makes mistakes. He has a reason for everything He create”

How great is this to know that we are not here on earth by accident.  When you do well people will notice, when you do your best people will notice and so whatever you are doing right now in life always do your best.  Because when we do our best it puts us to the next level.

Nothing about my life is “luck”.  It’s a lot of grace, blessings and  divine order. I do not believe in “luck”  luck is preparation of our moment of an opportunity. There is no luck without you being prepared to handle that moment of an opportunity.

So what I will say about myself is that there is a bigger power that has the power over everything in my life. Life is all about change, learning and growth. If we pretend to be anything other than who we are you will never reach your personal potential.  God didn’t create you to be someone else. He wants you to be you. If you play someone else role in life you will miss out on what God has intended for you.

Don’t be carried away by what everyone else is doing and forget what you should do. Stay on your lane. Stay on your path. Even when it will take time for you dont be discouraged. Your journey is different from  others.

Remember, Life is not a competition don’t spend so much time looking at what everyone is doing around you because if you do that, you lose your own focus. The only thing you should do is ask yourself how can i be better on what I am doing. Take responsibility of your space and believe that God is right there with you. 



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