Rising From The Dust - A woman’s Journey to Self-Discovery

Ever felt abandoned, disempowered or unloved?
Ever felt like crawling through the dust, unable to get out?
‘Rising from the dust’ is a story about a young woman born in Kenya who has overcome serious hardships. Fauza, a girl who was born out of wedlock suffered the consequences of her parents’ choices. Later in life she decided not to be the victim of the choices that parents take. She chose not to give her own power away by what the society thinks. She shares the challenges and triumphs in her life.

In this book, we learn about how Fauza
1. Overcomes negative stereotypes
2. Goes after her dreams to live an empowered life
3. Is creating change by helping local women in her country of birth through her jewellery line
4. Has become an entrepreneur in a foreign country
5. Deals with all kinds of prejudices from race to being a woman in business