The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow.

The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow.

We are half way of 2023 i hope you are journeying well. Are you still inline with the goals you had written before wishing everyone happy 2023?

Each end of the month is when I take the time to plan my monthly goals. By setting power-full yet realistic goals. I admit, I am still working on the realistic part. As a visionary, it is hard to not want to build Rome in half of a day. But as a leader, we can dream. Right?

In addition to setting realistic goals there a few things that I wanted to share with you that help me ensure a power-FULL week.

Building on the thought that “what gets measured, gets done,” I wanted to share the things that I track which leave me feeling confident at the end of the week when I know I’ve done my best (or I’ve learned where I fell short).

While tracking my goals I monitor the following items:

Clear Description of Tasks – Consider using consistent language so that you can track similar tasks across projects. When you notice you have a lot of new tasks consider if it is something you should be doing, delegating and or if its cause for renegotiation of your salary/contract since there is now documentation of expansion within your role.

Link Tasks to Project/Goal – This requires you to have a clear plan for the quarter or year. Leave room for innovative ideas that will enhance your experience as a leader. For example, I track potential business partners, speaking engagements while separating those that are for organizational development and or conferences. General ‘operations” or duties as assigned still help to know what’s my norm or if I am creating a new normal.

Track Status of Each Task – In addition to typical metrics such as completed, partially completed or in process I acknowledge the following: Need additional Resources, Not started (with an explanation of why) and Feeling stuck. In addition to your typical metrics consider those mentioned above as they allow space for communication between you and your team to remove barriers and or complete the task collaboratively. You may also want to pay attention to the relationship between the need for resources and when you are feeling stuck.

Strategically Planned Activity – To answer this I ask: Is there something that is in sync with my quarter or annual goals? Is this task or pursuit of partnership in alignment with my desires? Everything doesn’t have to be written in stone. However, we need to be mindful of how we spend our time, talents and treasures. Let’s accomplish what we desire and then also celebrate the icing on top, that is in addition to versus in lieu of us completing our goals.

Enjoy Yourself and Track Your Emotions – I can’t reiterate enough how much you need to enjoy your journey as a leader. There is no pride in how much you are able to endure. If particular duties bring too much emotional or even physical pain (headaches, chest pain, lack of sleep) then consider the source of the pain (topic, resources, personal attachment to issue, etc.) Leadership doesn’t have to be hard, stressful or overwhelming. Let’s interrupt that belief and ensure that you are having one filled with joy.

How does that sound? Are you covering your basis in these areas?

Let’s set an intention to have a power-full week of productivity and bliss!


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