Woman to Woman Conversation

Its been a few days since i got back to Dubai from my inspired trip in Africa. I have been meditating and pondering about this particular trip. I am passionate about helping and supporting women because of the adversities i have encountered through out my life. Would it be not be great to do this together? I want to help and encourage women to re-invent their stories. Its an experience i am familiar with having had to reinvent myself over the years. Turning wounds or tragedies into wisdom and teachable moments can be a very powerful tool. Its a way of navigating through life that took me a while to figure out.

So many of us have run so far away from ourselves that we dont even know what our selves is anymore. We have allowed our circumstances  to push us far away from what God has created us for.  The gift of God in your life is what makes you, you. What makes you unique! Most of the time we women realize this even when facing adversity but many times we dont know that because we have allowed our circumstances to control us. We give our power away. Instead of stretching forth we tend to strive.

Striving isn’t cute and striving usu sally means we injure some of the things that God wants to do in our lives. Its important we realize that God didn’t put us here on earth merely just to exist but to be good individuals and good servants. It is by God’s grace we live, we move and we have our being.

So, being here today is a real good thing. I am so grateful to those who have stood up to speak up because its through them that i had the courage to articulate my own life. I want to encourage you to stand in your own power understanding that even in the midst of your trials there are lessons for you to learn from.

Happy New Month.


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