The quest for a life purpose:

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The quest for a life purpose is one that we’ve all asked ourselves. What is my life purpose? What am I here on earth for? We have all asked the same very question in life not once, not twice or even a hundred or thousands of times ‘what is my purpose here on earth’ especially if nothing makes sense for you in life.  I am sure some of you will relate with this particular blog. I too have asked the very same questions trillion times. It all started after I became vulnerable and shared my story via my self-published book. My intention was not to write a memoir but to share a few encounters that I have had experienced in the 30 plus years of my existence here on earth.  To me I went on this journey of writing as a healing process not knowing the impact my book “Rising from the Dust” would have. But when I started doing speaking engagements about my experiences, I had people come to me, or wrote to me that they too can relate with some of the encounters from my book or my talks. Because of the many young girls and boys who have come to me, expressing their pain of rejection, abuse, depression, loss of identity, I have taken this task to heart and that’s the very reason why I do the school tours to do inspirational talks. I also founded Fauza  Consultancy and Fauza Foundation and made it a place where any of the young girls and boys that do not have a place to go, can share about how they feel. They can reach out to us and we will either support directly or reach out to professionals who can support them.

When I started this journey I didn’t know what I was doing but every time I am on the arena I see the impact that it has on this young girls and boys. It all shows on their faces. Some of you might relate to this blog that sometimes you actually don’t know what you are doing until someone else sees it despite the fact that you know your ‘why’ of doing what you are  doing. That is exactly how it felt to me.

So when UAE AFRICA NETWORKING GROUP called me to say that I had been chosen as one of the 12 inspiring entrepreneur women. I was surprised. Not because I didn’t deserve the honor but because I wasn’t expecting it.

The news came through and at first I couldn’t believe it until a few weeks before the event I was asked to send through my auto biography.  

The reason why I do what I do is because I know my purpose in life is to serve my soul. I want to remind others, men, women, boys and girls, that no matter where you come from, what life has thrown into you, you still have the power to overcome whatever situation you face. That authentic power that cannot be taken away.


So being here today it’s a really good thing. I am so grateful to those who have stood up to speak up because it’s through that I had the courage to articulate my own life.

My question to you all today is how you will use your power, your authentic power to serve the purpose of your soul. 





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