Adriana Meyer – Entrepreneur, Business Psychologist, Executive and Team Coach

I met Fauza almost 10 years ago when I was living in Dubai. Fauza is one of those persons that you encounter in life and you have the feeling that you know them forever. And definitely someone you want to keep around you.

Fauza is a multi-faceted woman with remarkable talents. Fauza is knowledgeable, creative and joyful. Her entrepreneurial spirit, her compassionate soul and her ability to always spread positivity around are some of the qualities Fauza has that caught my attention the moment I met her.

As an author and motivational speaker, I admire the way Fauza conveys her messages of hope and faith lifting up those in need.

As a mother and wife Fauza is dedicated to her family and her personal development, always making sure everything is on the right track. As an individual, Fauza is a determined woman – making sure she pursues what she wants. Ultimately, Fauza is a caring friend. She always finds time to support us with her loving messages.

I am honored to speak about someone that really out-stands in the world we live in nowadays. So proud of all her achievements and for her fierce courage to keep moving towards the success she deserve.

Super recommend Fauza to partner with you in a cheerful and fruitful relationship. Wishing you all the success and happiness in your personal life and career, dear Fauza.