Here is to a HOPE filled 2019


In this world there are a lot of things that are beyond your control but what you do have  control over is how you react to whatever happens in your life.

What I now know is that we all become what we believe, so if you believe you can do all things because you have this higher power that is bigger than your problems, you will be living in this world knowing that no matter what problem you will encounter you have God to lean on. You have been given the grace of God.

As I look back on 2018, in my own little sphere of the world, I am grateful for everything. For the good but also for the bad. It was a tough year. Death, rejection, sickness.  It was painful to watch; painful to experience and to endure. But love, joy, hope, faith and the promise of a new year remain.

I am grateful for the doors that opened for me but also for the doors that were slammed right in front of my naked eyes. It was painful to watch but it taught me something: to trust, to have hope, to believe, to have faith and to be patient for God timing. 

I have been praying a lot for 2019, for  God to make beauty  out of the ashes and in those prayers I feel nothing but hope for the year ahead. Regardless of what happens this coming year, I’m expecting God to do some pretty amazing things. And I’m hopeful that with this fresh start, my faith will only continue to strengthen and grow. I’m hoping this for you, too.

As I let go 2018 I am also letting go of the things that do not uplift, hinder and sabotage. I am replacing that with Love, Joy, Hope and Faith. I am grateful that God has given me another chance.

The world is full of many distractions, and each New Year brings the opportunity for more disorder. So how can we stay focused whilst doing life?

Here are few takeaways to help you kick start your new year.

Patience. We live in a culture that is a rush that wants everything, and wants it yesterday. If you are not careful you will be carried away easily by what everyone is achieving. It is important for you to understand that life has its seasons, there will be people who are ahead of you, and there will be others who will be behind you so wherever you are in life don’t be discouraged: stay on your lane. Pray for patience. Pray for strength to be counterculture and break free from the world of instant gratification. Ask God to replace your restlessness with patience, contentment and peace. Release whatever you’re feeling impatient about into His hands and trust that His timing is perfect.

 Choose what kind of attitude you want to have.  Our attitude influences every part of our lives. And here’s the wonderful thing: we have the power to choose what kind of attitude we want to have. That means we get to choose what kind of life we lead.

Courage. Ask God to help you trust in Him completely, even when fear threatens to weaken your faith. Pray that when the time comes for you to be brave, you will remember that God is with you. Pray for a courageous heart—a heart that does the right thing even if it’s afraid. A heart that walks boldly into whatever God calls you to do.

Confidence. If there was one thing we all could use a healthy dose of, it would be holy confidence—confidence that comes from knowing we are deeply loved, rescued and set free. Today, pray that God would remind you of the simple truth that confidence can only be found in chasing after Him. Ask God to help you become comfortable with sharing your story, and ask Him to provide opportunities to be a witness to the world.

Peace. We are living in broken world with so many things happening around us it cause confusion but no matter what happen it’s important that you guard your own peace. Pray for peace on Earth and in your workplace, home and heart. Pray that the Prince of Peace would come and unite His people. Pray for harmony among the nations. Lastly, pray for peace within your very own soul. Lay your stress, anxiety and fear at God’s feet and ask Him to speak peace and calm over your situations. Spend a few moments breathing in God’s peace and breathing out your stress.




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