The grass is always green on the other side of the fence. If we are not mindful, it can be easily to stigmatize ourselves especially if we are facing tribulations in life. As humans we tend to feel inadquet we forget that being alive is a blessing. We all want more from life; we all want peace, more happiness, better health, deeper relationships and increased productivity.

This thing called gratitude can really help towards these very things – gratitude is THE most healing and powerful of all miseries. The more and more we practice to be grateful for what we have we suddenly realize that we have enough.

• When you bring your gratitude picture to mind ask yourself what you can see, hear, smell, touch and FEEL – the more senses you evoke the greater the impact the gratitude will have on your mind.
• When we feel gratitude we are telling ourselves that we have enough in our lives and we are enough.
• So coming from an abundant place will attract MORE abundance so you’ll end up having more to be grateful for.

Let’s have a little look at what gratitude can really do for your life –

• Gratitude strengthens our emotions – it allows us to feel the good feelings, makes our memories happier, reduces feelings of jealousy and helps us to bounce back from stress more easily.

• Gratitude makes us happier in all areas of our lives. Just spending even 5 minutes a day recording your gratitude’s in a little book will improve your health, relationships, emotions, personality, and career.

• Gratitude will actually make people like you more – as you become more sociable, more trusting and more appreciative. It also deepens the relationships you already have.

• Gratitude can be life-changing – as you become more optimistic, less self-centered, less materialistic and more spiritual as your self-esteem increases.

• Gratitude will improve your sleep – you will sleep more deeply, get to sleep quicker and sleep for longer. The key is to be aware of what’s on your mind as you’re trying to fall asleep. If you’re worried about your marriage or your partner or feeling anxious about your business, the level of stress in our body will increase, reducing sleep quality, keeping you awake and cutting our sleep short. Whereas if you think of a few things you are grateful for today it will induce the relaxation response, so we drop off to sleep and stay that way.

• Gratitude keeps you healthier – positive emotion improves health and gratitude is a positive emotion. It will strengthen your physiological functioning so you feel less pain, have lower blood pressure and be far less likely to develop a mental disorder.

• Gratitude makes you feel good – gratitude doesn’t actually make you happier, it’s the happiness you feel from the gratitude the makes you happy! Gratitude will make you stronger, healthier, and more successful.

• Gratitude improves your decision-making – making decisions can be exhausting really – in fact so tiring that we automate to our subconscious much of the reasoning that goes behind making a decision. Making simple decisions like what to eat, what to wear and where to go become far simpler so more complex decisions are also improved like should I move jobs or leave this relationship – You become much less overwhelmed.

Gratitude is not a cure-all but it really is an underutilized tool for improving happiness and your quality of life and it’s so simple, we can all do it.
Gratitude is a totally selfless act and gratitude acts are done unconditionally to show to people that they are appreciated, not because people are looking for something in return; however, that is not to say that people do not return the favor – that’s how it becomes contagious!

Each morning before you step fit on the floor write down a few things that you are grateful for. When you do this you will realize that you will tackle your day with a different attitude. We all dont know whats going to happen as we go about doing life but when we practice gratitude even in our darkest moment we can be grateful for. There is always something to be grateful for.



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