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The Emotional Effect of Colours

Our world is full of colours and we all have our favourites. We choose a particular colour car to drive. We wear colours that we like whether it be in our clothing, our jewelry or our accessories. We even judge others on the colours they are wearing based simply on the colour itself, not the [...]

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Transformation; what comes into your mind when you hear the word 'transformation' lately people have been asking me when was my breaking point? from battling fears, insecurities to loving self. Everyone wants to know when things changed. It's difficult to explain that, the transformation does not just happen in one moment. I had my moments [...]

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Rising from the Dust book give-away

Hi, everyone. It is my sincere hope that your 2017 is going on great. i hope you are all on the right path with your 2017 resolution, and just in case you have a feeling of a bluh, no worries, you do not have to beat yourself, the good news is that you can still [...]

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BIF Jewelry

BIF beaded jewelry is hand made. As every piece is handmade, every necklace is special. A collection designed to be the essential ready to be worn piece. If you are looking for authenticity and individuality through statement pieces we are sure you will find something right here. BIF Jewelry is for any woman. She can [...]

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