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Whether they admit it or not, people carry in their hearts an incredible load of anxiety and fear because of guilt. This is normal because all men are guilty of sin, and this fact has been well documented in the Bible. All are guilty, and this problem has moved people to seek relief from the [...]

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  We are not on holiday during this quarantine moment. This is a chance to be Intentional with your life. Yep, you heard me. This is a big deal. Even more than an opportunity for healthy habits and self-improvement, this is when your story of purpose is being written. Take advantage of the times we [...]

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We are on the third month of 2020. How has it been for you. I think after everything has been said and done we all can  attest to it that 2020 started with a big bung!  Woaaa no one expected it. We saw the news break in Australia with the devastating bush fires. The [...]

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The first 5 minutes of your day.

There has been a lot of health issues going on in the world at the moment that has brought in so much fear in our lives.  Look at the current situation of the corona virus. My question to you is how have you been reacting towards this situation? What is the first thing that [...]

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The year of stepping out in Faith

We are on the third month  of 2020. Has your mind crossed over or you are still in denial of what didn’t go well in 2019. It’s one thing to have celebrated New Year but it’s the other to have fully crossed over. Your body might have made it to 2020 but has your mind [...]

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Merry Christmas

Christmas songs, Christmas trees,  Christmas decor, Everywhere i look around  all i see is glitters, Christmas lights, lighting up the streets, homes, shopping malls,  literally  its an evidence that most people are in the mood. Christmas is a magical holiday season that brings with it joy, love, happiness and heartwarming thoughts. For believers  Christmas is [...]

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Let It Go

    We are on the last month of 2019. Woaaaaa!!! The year has flown by. I just wanted to drop by to check on you. How has it been for you the last 11 months. Are you still inline with that which you had written down at the beginning of the year? What difference [...]

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Safe landing

Sometimes in life the best in us can only be brought out by the worst done to us. Hurtful word, false accusations, rejection, betrayal in life can teach us or simply reveal us. Now, the truth is no one likes facing hard times. Oh I real wish that life knew that we human being we [...]

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Woman to Woman Conversation

Its been a few days since i got back to Dubai from my inspired trip in Africa. I have been meditating and pondering about this particular trip. I am passionate about helping and supporting women because of the adversities i have encountered through out my life. Would it be not be great to do this [...]

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We are the ones we have been waiting for!!

    The plight of the rural kenyan girl continues to dominate the media, their inability to finish education and contribute to society.  This is brought upon by so many factors, some of them being period poverty, lack of school fees and school requirements.  Only last week a 14 year old girl in Kabiangek west [...]

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